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Dear Brands,

Rundown Media is the trusted social media and production house for companies and brands worldwide. In fact, our expertise in helping brands become social media powerhouses comes with great pride.

In a nutshell...


Brand names are trusted by many around the world. Our goal is to translate this to social media.


Your brand deserves the recognition. Let us skyrocket your customers, exposure & followers!


We will produce the goods for your social media platforms. Content is key, especially in HD!


Rundown Media truly understands the importance of brands being involved with their customers. This is why we take engagement on social media very seriously. You’re already busy so let us handle the work load of standing out for you on social media.

We have assisted various brands in many different ways including receiving prestigious awards!

Here are some of the services that we provide to our clients (included in our monthly packages):

Viral Posts
Celebrities on Live
Follower Comments
Top Comments

Direct Messages


Before all, Rundown Media is a creative agency focused on creating the content needed to fuel the new audiences we expose our clients to. In other words, we set the mood on our client social media platforms that instantly convert visitors into followers and customers.

Rundown Media has helped collaborate brands with brands for nearly a decade!

Here's more about us, our clients and success...

Why Rundown Media?

Founded in 2008.

Favored in 2020.

Rundown Media is a full-service creative agency based in Los Angeles, California. We collaborate with clients and we do it in every medium. Our sense of strategy, direction, marketing, production and design bring people and brands together – with all intentions of making those relationships last forever.

Our creative direction and viral marketing approach has positioned our clients in social media’s biggest moments! In other words… Rundown Media helps our clients grow and GO VIRAL on social media.


Our Specialties

Social Media

We manage an amazing list of celebrities, medical professionals, businesses & brands.

Viral Marketing

Rundown Media is responsible for some of the most viral content being shared online.


We specialize in professional content development / media production big and small.

what we've done

we don't like to brag, but...

We manage top social media accounts

We help celebs and influencers alike curate and maintain their social media pages.
50M followers across all platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
We've helped market, manage and contribute to BoxyCharm's massive subscription based makeup service.
Dr. Salar Hazany
Dr. Hazany aka @DrCancerKiller has received millions of impressions to his surgical practice helping grow his clientele.

#1 Movies

Our unique approach to strategy has directly contributed to the success of box office hits.

#1 TV Shows

We've flawlessly executed successful marketing campaigns for top TV Shows.

#1 Billboard Albums

We've helped sell #1 albums on Billboard charts using viral marketing strategies.


Our flagship website has generated over 800 million hits since 2012.
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We're responsible for some of social media's biggest moments ever!

We Are Viral Marketing Specialists

We are responsible for some of the most viral marketing campaigns on the internet. In fact, many of our “stunts” have landed on the front page of world-famous news outlets like TMZ, CNN and Yahoo! News.

Rundown Media has generated over 6 BILLION views and counting in viral content distribution. Our social media specialties have provided help to artists, brands and businesses across the globe for over 10 years.

We Are Brand Development Specalists

Rundown Media has assisted in the growth of some of the most influential entertainers, businesses and brands in the world.

We have had the pleasure with working with Fortune 500 brands, motion picture releases, music labels along with celebrities and public figures.

who we've worked with

Our Clients

They Believe In Us

Rundown Media has generated a social media network of over 500 million followers since 2014.

what we can do for you

Our Services


Our brand strategists specialize in taking projects to new levels.

Social Media​​

Let us handle all of your social media problems and needs.


Our marketing services have provided help to top brands and businesses.


Allow us to pinpoint the specific audience seeking your services.


Our vision and design capabilities are top tier and trusted by premium clients.


With over 15 years of experience, we can develop just about anything under the digital sun.

Flexible Pricing for Any Budget

We have plans from small to large


Unlimited possibilities!
  • Enhanced Priority Management
  • Viral Marketing Guarantee
  • Includes Tier 1&2 services


Management + Marketing
  • Social Media Management
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Includes TIER 1 services


Branding + Development
  • Brand Development
  • Media Production
  • Press and Digital Media creation

Are you ready to take your brand to the next level?

They Love Us

what our clients have to say

Meet Our CEO

Kiarash Behain

Kiarash Behain is an American media mogul, creative director and social media marketing guru.

Kiarash has leveraged his popularity quietly by collaborating with entertainers and artists with worldwide influence. His entertainment brand (The Rundown) and media company (Rundown Media) first viral collaboration was in 2008 with then number one artist sparked the attention of the Hip Hop community leading to various notable long-term collaborations with Tyrese Gibson, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, Justin Bieber, Snoop Dogg, Akon, Quincy Brown and others.

To this day, Rundown Media continues to represent top influencers by providing them with their online content and marketing. The viral marketing strategies of Kiarash Behain has collected over 6 billion impressions worldwide collectively. His social media marketing, managing and directing expertise credited him with the accomplishments of having the #1 top Billboard album sales, curating two of the top 10 most viral Facebook posts in both 2016 and 2017, award-winning viral marketing campaigns for TV shows and titles including “Fast and the Furious” and Marvel films.

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